Alabai Dog Price In India

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December 10, 2023

Just as the aroma of freshly made Biryani wafts through Indian streets, the popularity of Alabai dogs is increasing throughout India's pet-loving community.

A breed that hails from the rugged terrains of Central Asia, Alabai dogs have carved a unique space in the hearts of Indian pet enthusiasts.

But, how much does it cost to own one of these majestic creatures in India?

This article aims to delve into the price of Alabai dogs in India and provide you with an informative guide on what to expect when venturing into the delightful world of Alabai ownership.

History of Alabai Dogs

Alabai Dog

Let's take a walk in the past, to the vast and rugged landscapes of Central Asia. Here, amidst the windswept steppes and lofty mountains, the story of the Alabai dog began.

Known for their exceptional guarding skills, Alabai dogs have shared their lineage with the noble shepherds for centuries, safeguarding flocks from potential threats.

An embodiment of power and loyalty, these dogs are celebrated for their unique traits.

Fast forward to modern times, the popularity of Alabai dogs is on a steep climb in India.

Their majestic stature, unmatched strength, and fierce loyalty have captivated the heart of dog enthusiasts.

The rising demand for this breed is evidence of its growing charm among the Indian masses.

Average Price of Alabai Dogs in India

In the vast subcontinent of India, the average price of an Alabai dog can vary quite drastically. A ballpark figure would be in the range of INR 60,000 to INR 85,000.

However, this price can fluctuate depending on certain key factors.

  1. Purebred vs Mixed Breed: A purebred Alabai can cost considerably more compared to a mixed breed. The price difference here is due to the pedigree and lineage of the dog.

  2. Age: The age of the dog also plays a significant role in the pricing. Puppies, due to their high demand, usually cost more compared to adult dogs.

  3. Gender and Color: The gender and color of the dog can also impact the price. Certain colors might be more desirable and thus, fetch a higher price.

It's important to note that these are only the initial costs. Owning a dog like the Alabai, known for its size and strength, will also entail additional expenses for care and maintenance.

Factors Affecting Alabai Dog Price in India

When it comes to the price of Alabai dogs in India, several elements come into play.

These majestic canines are more than just a price tag; they are living, breathing creatures who require attention, care, and commitment.

  1. Breeder's Reputation: A well-reputed breeder who follows ethical breeding practices often charges more for their Alabai dogs. These costs ensure you're getting a healthy, well-cared-for pet.

  2. Location: Depending on where you live in India, the cost of an Alabai dog can vary. The scarcity of this breed in particular areas may drive up the price.

  3. Availability: The law of supply and demand also plays a role. A high demand for Alabai dogs coupled with a limited supply can increase the price.

Remember, an informed purchase decision always weighs the impact of these factors on the Alabai dog price in India.

Additional Costs Associated with Owning an Alabai Dog

When considering the Alabai dog price in India, it's important to recognize that the initial cost is just the tip of the iceberg.

The true cost of dog ownership extends beyond the purchase price, encompassing several other financial commitments.

  1. Vaccinations: Keeping your Alabai healthy means keeping up with necessary vaccines, which can add to your annual pet budget.

  2. Training: Alabais, being protective and dominant by nature, require proper training. Investing in a professional dog trainer can be beneficial.

  3. Grooming: Regular grooming and bathing are integral to your Alabai's health, adding another expense.

Beyond these, you’ll have long-term costs like feeding your Alabai a nutritious diet, and ensuring regular medical check-ups. Therefore, before venturing into Alabai ownership, ensure you're financially prepared for these additional costs.

Where to Buy an Alabai Dog in India

As the popularity of Alabai dogs continues to soar in India, you may be wondering where you can get one. The best places to purchase these majestic dogs are reputable breeders and rescue centers.

  • Reputable Breeders: Buying from a reputable breeder ensures that you get a healthy dog free from genetic disorders or diseases. They can provide you with a complete history of the dog, including its parentage and health records. However, be prepared to invest time in finding these breeders and verifying their credibility.

  • Rescue Centers: Rescuing an Alabai dog allows you to give a second chance to a dog in need. These centers take care of basic medical needs and vaccinations before handing over the dog to you. This is a noble and cost-effective way to own an Alabai.

Remember, the importance of doing thorough research can't be overstated. Avoid breeders who prioritize profit over the welfare of the dogs. Making an informed decision ensures that you and your Alabai have a happy and healthy life together!


Like a painter meticulously blending his colors, we've mixed a wealth of information to provide a vivid picture of the Alabai dog price in India.

From the rich tapestry of their history to the factors that influence their pricing, we've journeyed through it all.

Don't forget, the price tag is just the tip of the iceberg. Costs like vaccinations, grooming, and long-term medical care must also be factored into your budget.

Finding a reputable breeder isn't as easy as picking a candy from a store. It's more like a treasure hunt, requiring in-depth research and patience.

As we bid adieu, we urge you to remember that owning a dog is a long-term commitment, not a short-term novelty.

Every Alabai is a masterpiece, and they deserve a home that appreciates their worth. Keep this guide in mind, and make an informed decision when you go to get your Alabai.

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