Beagle Dog Price In India

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February 22, 2023

beagle dog price in india

When it comes to picking a loyal and loving companion, there is no better choice than the Beagle dog!

This cheerful and affectionate breed of dog is known for its:

  • friendly
  • active
  • and curious personality

which makes them  ideal pet for families. But before jumping into the decision to own a Beagle, you must know the beagle dog price in India. 

In this article, we will explain the detailed cost of beagle puppy in india, also the factors that determine its price.

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About The Beagle Dog : Traits & Characteristics 


13 - 15 inches


20 - 30 pounds

Life Span

10 – 15 years

Goods With 

Children dogs, cats & families


Outgoing, Playful, Friendly, Willful
















bicolor / tricolor / saddle / blanket
flecked / ticked / speckled

Beagle Dog Price In India

  • ₹ 10,000 to ₹ 30,000 Initial Cost of Purchase

The price of a beagle dog in India depends on various factors like the age, gender, health cost, grooming cost, food cost.

On average, a healthy beagle puppy price in India range from ₹10,000 to ₹30,000. However the price may depend on whether the dog is pet quality or show quality which makes a big difference, you should expect to pay more if you are looking for a show quality dog. you might also get some discount from some breeder if you buy two or more puppies.

Beagle Price In India (Popular Cities)




8000 - 15000


10000 - 20000


6000 - 10000


5000 - 10000


9000 - 15000

Beagle Dog Food Cost

  • ₹2,500 - ₹5,000 per month

As like any other pet, feeding your beagle dog the right food is very important to make sure they stay fit and healthy. The cost of feeding a beagle in India can vary depending on the type of food and brands.

For dry dog food, prices range from around ₹150 to ₹600 per kg, depending on the brand and quality of ingredients. High-quality dog food is generally recommended for beagles, as it contains the correct balance of vitamins, minerals, and proteins that help meet their nutritional needs.

When it comes to wet/canned dog food, prices range from about ₹120 to ₹550 per kg, also depending on the brand and quality of ingredients. Beagles should have a diet that contains a mix of both wet and dry food.

Treats are an important part of a beagle’s diet and should be included in their meal plan. Treats such as rawhide, dried fruits, and biscuits can be purchased in India for around ₹150-200 per kg.

Overall, the cost of feeding your beagle in India will depend on the type of food you choose, the quantity purchased, and the quality of ingredients. It is important to feed your beagle a balanced diet that meets their nutritional needs, so it is recommended to purchase high-quality dog food from trusted brands.

Beagle Dog Grooming Cost

  • ₹2,000 - ₹3,000 per month

Beagle dogs are known for their fluffy, soft coats that require regular grooming to keep them looking and feeling their best. The cost of grooming a Beagle in India can vary based on the services requested and the facility you choose.

Generally speaking, full grooming services, which includes bathing, brushing, trimming and nail clipping, can range from 2000 - 4000 rupees. If you choose to book an a la carte service, such as just trimming or bathing, you can expect to pay between 500 - 1000 rupees. Prices may also vary depending on your location, as well as the size and coat type of your Beagle.

Beagle Dog Medication Cost

  • ₹5,000 - ₹10,000 per year

Beagles are popular companion dogs in India and require proper care and maintenance. The cost of medication for a Beagle depends on the type and severity of the health condition.

Generally, vaccinations, flea and tick treatments, heartworm prevention, dental cleaning, and other routine veterinary care are necessary for a Beagle's well-being and can cost anywhere between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000 per year.

Additionally, if your Beagle is ill or has a chronic medical condition, the cost of medication may increase significantly depending on the diagnosis and treatment required.

Factors such as the type of medication needed, the severity of the illness, and the recommended dosage all affect the overall cost of medication.

It is important to consult a veterinarian to determine the appropriate care and medication for your Beagle to ensure that they remain healthy and happy.

Beagle Dog Pet Insurance Cost

  • ₹3,000 - ₹10,000 (If necessary)

Beagle dog pet insurance cost in India depends on the coverage being offered. Generally, pet insurance policies for Beagles in India can range anywhere from about ₹3,000 to ₹10,000 per year, depending on the level of coverage you choose.

The most comprehensive policies may cover all medical expenses related to the pet, while more basic policies may only provide limited coverage. It's important to compare quotes from different insurers to determine which policy best meets your budget and meets your Beagle's needs. Additionally, it may be beneficial to ask your vet for advice when selecting a policy that meets the specific 

Beagle Dog Entertainment Cost

  • ₹100 - ₹3,000 per toy

When considering adding a Beagle to your family, it is important to understand the entertainment cost of owning a Beagle in India. Beagles are active dogs, which means they will need plenty of exercise and enrichment activities to keep them entertained and healthy. This can come in the form of regular walks, trips to the park, trips to the beach, or even agility training.

Additionally, Beagles are highly intelligent dogs, so providing them with toys, puzzles, and other mind games can help them stay engaged and entertained. Depending on your lifestyle and budget, some activities may require an upfront cost such as buying a beach pass or agility equipment. Other activities may be more affordable such as taking your Beagle for regular walks or playing with them in the yard.

Beagle Dog Insurance Cost

  • ₹2,000 - ₹10,000 per year

After the Labra dog has been purchased, pet insurance becomes a factor. Pet insurance costs in India are generally determined by the age and breed of the pet, and how much coverage is desired. The majority of premiums in India start at ₹500 each month, and can go up from there depending on the coverage desired. A basic policy will cover unforeseen medical expenses, but not routine care or treatments.

In addition to covering medical expenses, pet insurance for a Labra dog in India can also cover risks such as death or theft. For a Labra dog, a basic policy can provide coverage for death or theft for up to 3 years for a premium of ₹2,000 per year. Higher levels of coverage, such as additional years of coverage or higher replacement limits, can cost as much as ₹10,000 per year.

Tips for Purchasing a Beagle Dog in India

If you're looking for a beagle dog in India, it is important to do your research first. Here are some tips to help you find a healthy, well-tempered pup:

1. Check for local breeders: Look for local breeders in your area who specialize in beagles. Doing so will give you the best chance of finding a healthy pup from a reputable source.

2. Ask questions: It’s important to ask any potential breeder questions about their breeding practices, health testing and parental history. Also inquire about the pup’s socialization and training so far.

3. Go to the vet: Make sure to take the pup to the vet soon after purchase to check their overall health and ensure they have been vaccinated and dewormed.

4. Bring it home: When you bring your new pup home, make sure you are prepared with a crate, leash, food and toys. Have patience during the transition period and allow your pup to explore its new environment in its own time.

Following these tips can help you find a healthy, well-tempered beagle pup in India.


We hope you liked our article on beagle dog price in India. You now have full knowledge to make an informed decision about whether owning a beagle is the right choice for you or not. If you have decided that a beagle is the right pet for you, go ahead and start looking for your furry friend. We hope that this article has been helpful to you in making this critical decision. If you liked our article, please comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Beagle a lazy dog?

No, Beagles are quite energetic and active dogs but they require regular physical and mental exercise to stay healthy and happy.

Q2. Do Beagles bark a lot?

Yes, Beagles dogs are known for their loud and distinctive bark. They bark quite frequently, so they may not be the right choice for people who live in or prefer a quiet environment.

Q3. Is a Beagle a difficult dog?

No, Beagles are  considered as good-natured and easy going dogs that are well suited to families. They are also one of the most popular breeds and have an energetic, friendly, and loyal personality.

Q4. Is Beagle high maintenance?

No, they are considered to be low maintenance dogs. They require regular exercise and daily brushing, but do not need to be bathed or groomed frequently.

Q5. Is Beagle good for child?

Yes, Beagle dogs can make great companions and family pets for children, as they tend to be friendly and loyal. Beagles are also intelligent and can be easily trained. They also require plenty of exercise, so running and playing with a Beagle can be a great way for kids to stay physically active.

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