Pitbull Dog Price In India

pitbull dog price in India

Written by himanshu katariya 

March 7, 2023


Are you looking for information on the Pitbull dog price in India? Then this article is here to provide all the information you need to make an informed decision when it comes to buying a pit bull in India.

We will cover the different prices of pit bulls in India and the various factors to keep in mind when purchasing one.

We'll also provide helpful tips on how to keep these costs in check.

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About The Pitbull Dog : Traits & Characteristics 


17 - 19 inches


30 - 85 pounds

Life Span

12 - 16 years

Goods With 



Loyal, affectionate, courageous


high  intelligence


minimal amount 


1-2 hours a day 


low, only to alert 




Terrier Dogs


Short, smooth


Black, white, brindle, fawn, blue, red, brown, tan, Gray

Pitbull Dog Price In India

  • ₹ 10,000 to ₹ 50,000 Initial Cost of Purchase

The Pitbull puppy price in India varies significantly, depending on a variety of factors such as the breeder, quality of the dog, and location. Generally speaking, you should expect to pay anywhere from 10,000 INR to 50,000 INR for a healthy, well-bred pit bull puppy.

It is important to be aware that a higher price does not necessarily mean a higher-quality dog, so be sure to do your research and find a reputable breeder. Additionally, you should factor in the costs of veterinary visits, food, training fees, and other supplies that you may need. Overall, the cost of owning a pit bull can be much higher than the initial Black Pitbull dog price

Pitbull Dog Price In India (Popular Cities)




10000 - 20000


15000 - 30000


12000 - 25000


10000 - 20000


10000 - 30000

 Pitbull puppy price in India-Health Care Cost

  • ₹3000 - ₹4,000 

In India, the Pitbull baby price of health care can vary greatly depending on the particular dog and its individual needs. Generally speaking, the cost of routine health care for a Pit Bull is approximately the same as for other breeds which are 3000-4000Rs – with vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and regular check-ups being the most common veterinary costs.

Any additional treatments such as surgery or medications will increase these costs. Additionally, Pit Bulls may be at higher risk for certain health concerns due to their strong muscular body type, so vet visits may be more frequent or strategic treatments necessary. Ultimately, it’s best to discuss your individual Pit Bull’s needs with your local vet to determine an accurate healthcare cost estimate.

Pitbull Dog Food Cost

  • ₹500 - ₹5000 per kg

The food of American Pitbull price in India Pit Bull dogs in India can vary depending on the type of food you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend. Generally, kibbles and dry food will cost around 500 - 1000 Rupees per kilogram, while canned food can cost up to 1500 - 2000 Rupees per kilogram.

If you are looking for premium and organic dog food, it will cost more. For example, Royal Canin, which is a popular dog food brand, could cost up to 5,000 rupees for a 10 kg bag. As for treats, you can expect to spend between 100-500 rupees per pack

Pitbull Dog Grooming Cost

  • ₹800 - ₹2,000 per month

The grooming for a American Pitbull price in India in India will depend on the services that you require. Generally speaking, it is possible to obtain basic grooming services such as bathing and brushing for around 800-1000 rupees, while more extensive services including trimming, de-matting, nail trimming, and ear cleaning can cost around 2000 rupees. However, it is important to bear in mind that additional costs may be incurred for specialized services such as ear plucking or deworming. Additionally, the cost may vary significantly depending on the breed, size, coat type, and health of your dog.

Pitbull Dog Medication Cost

  • ₹200 - ₹3,000 per month 

The cost of medication for pit bulls in India can vary greatly depending on the type of medication needed. Generally speaking, vaccinations and routine flea and tick prevention treatments tend to be relatively affordable, costing anywhere from Rs. 200-600 depending on the type of product used.

However, more complex treatments and medications, such as those for parasites or illnesses, can cost upwards of Rs. 1000 or more. Additionally, owners should consider the cost of spaying or neutering their pet, which can often range from Rs. 1000-3000. It is important to speak to a veterinarian to ensure your pet gets the right medications at the right price.

Pitbull Dog Pet Insurance Cost

  • ₹1000 - ₹2,000 per year (If necessary) 

Black Pitbull dog price or pet insurance in India can vary significantly depending on the type of coverage you are looking for. Generally speaking, the average cost of a basic pet insurance policy for a pit bull in India is around Rs. 3,000 per year. This cost is usually associated with basic coverage, which may include routine care, vaccinations, emergency care, and accidental death or injury. Depending on the coverage you choose, the cost of insurance for your pit bull may be higher or lower. Additionally, factors such as age, breed, and medical history can also affect the cost of your pet insurance policy.

Pitbull Dog Entertainment Cost

  • ₹100 - ₹3000 per toy

The cost of a pit bull toy in India will depend on the type of toy, its size, and the brand that produces it. Generally, basic toys such as soft plush toys and rubber chew toys can cost anywhere between Rs. 100-200 per toy while more detailed, interactive toys such as robotic toys can cost anywhere between Rs. 500-3000 per toy. Prices may also vary depending on whether you are purchasing locally or online.

Tips for Purchasing a Pitbull dog in India

If you are looking American pitbull price in India, there are a few things that you should consider before making the purchase.

- Research the availability of Pit Bulldogs in the local area
- Get to know the breed’s needs before taking the plunge
- Have the pup examined by a veterinarian
- Invest in quality food and supplies
- Invest time and energy into training and socialization


In conclusion, if you are looking for a Pitbull dog price in India, it is important to consider the cost, availability, and legal regulations of the region. The price of a Pitbull in India can range from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 40,000, depending on the dog's bloodline, age, and appearance. 

Additionally, it is important to be aware of the various legal regulations surrounding pit bulls in India, as some areas may not allow ownership of the breed. Make sure to do your research before purchasing a Pitbull in India to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much does a Pitbull cost in India?

It depends on where you're looking to buy a Pitbull in India. Generally, they can cost anywhere from around ₹10,000 to ₹50,000.

Q2. Is Pitbull legal in India?

Yes, Pitbulls are legal in India.

Q3. Is it OK to own a Pitbull?

Yes, it's perfectly OK to own a pitbull as long as you're responsible and provide it with the proper care and exercise it needs.

Q4. Is Pitbull good for first-time owners?

Yes, Pitbulls can make great pets for first-time owners as long as they are given the proper training and socialization.

Q5. Is Pitbull a loyal dog?

Yes, Pitbulls are known to be very loyal and loving companions.

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